1,000 m Configuration

Perfect for smaller vessels and coastal waters

In it's "shallow" configuration, ROPOS is a free-flying vehicle which uses a synthetic tether in order to dive up to 1000 metres. Available at a lower cost than the 3000m configuration, its small footprint, "light" weight, and neutral tether make it an ideal configuration on small vessels and for coastal operations.

Small footprint. At a minimum, this configuration only requires enough deck space to accommodate our shallow winch and ROPOS. The vessel must however be equipped with a crane capable of launching and recovering ROPOS over the side. An A-frame or secondary crane to mount the over-boarding sheave is preferable but not required.
Can be used on a small barge. We've often mobilized and used this configuration on small barges (towed or anchored) for coastal work such as cable inspections and engineering expeditions.
Reduced cost, same functionality. Since this configuration requires less equipment and a smaller vessel; it provides a lower overall expedition cost than our other configurations while giving you access to the same core vehicle functionality.
Perfect for shallow work. The neutrally buoyant synthetic tether used in this configuration allows ROPOS to safely and efficiently work anywhere from just below the surface to 1000 metres.


Small Footprint

The "shallow" winch is designed to take as little deck space as possible and mount using a CCG 60' BCD standard round base, sacrificial burn plate or a custom adapter plate. The winch can be powered by its own HPU or use the ship's hydraulics to save on deck space. The shallow winch weights 17,832 lb (8089 kg).


Support for smaller vessels

The shallow system can be mobilized on anything from a small barge to a large cable ship. Our team has the knowledge and experience to integrate the ROPOS systems to most offshore research vessels. All of our systems have modular designs which allow for flexible deployment scenarios with a minimum to no required modifications. The table below lists the vessels that have already or can been fitted with our 1000m configuration.

1000m Ready Vessels
Using laboratory space
  • CCGS John P Tully
  • CCGS Vector
  • CCGS Martha Black
  • NOAA McArthur II
Using containers
  • AHTS Kigoriak
  • CS Giulio Verne
  • Georgia Transporter
  • Barge (various)
  • Alaskan Lady (and other crab boats)