CSSF is fortunate to have an industrious, multi-talented, resourceful group with a collective 'anything is possible' approach. All have proven themselves able to maintain their perspective and a sense of humour under the often demanding conditions of work at sea. Expertise is exchanged readily and cross-training is mandatory. Through their individual and combined efforts they have gained the respect of scientists, commercial customers and ships' crew alike.

Board of Directors

CSSF is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 eminent Canadian marine scientists and business leaders. The board is comprised of a Board Chair, Secretary Treasurer (CFO), President & CEO, and 4 Directors who oversee all of CSSF's operations and management. By mandate, the Board of Directors is responsible for determining the Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Objectives of CSSF, and ensuring CSSF meets these values and objectives on a continual basis. CSSF's organizational planning, resource planning, program selection and services, and public image are also monitored and approved by the Board of Directors. Additionally, the Board of Directors is responsible for selecting and continually evaluating CSSF's management, as well as ensuring that the organization submits to annual financial audits and periodic governance reviews by an independent firm of public accountants.

User Committee

CSSF’s User Committee provides a formal line of communication between ROPOS’s user community and CSSF. The Committee provides recommendations on operational policy and technical upgrades, and is supported by CSSF’s liaison, Paul Macoun (Assistant Manager of Science). Through bi-annual teleconference meetings, the CSSF User Committee provides CSSF with the critical feedback necessary to provide cutting-edge technology and services to support the ever-changing demands of Marine Science.