• VISIONS '14 - Watch Live!

    We are out to sea on-board the R/V Thomas G. Thompson with the University of Washington (UW) for the 12-week VISIONS '14 expedition which runs from the 13th of July to October 6th. We will be helping the UW Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) team of oceanographers and engineers install and Read More
  • Expedition Update - L3 MariPro

    ROPOS’ first expedition of the year was in support of L3 MariPro onboard the C/S Dependable. The primary objective of this expedition was for ROPOS to assist in the recovery and repair of a Primary Science Node that will be used by the Regional Scale Nodes program. Read More
  • Expedition Update - Wiring the Abyss 2014

    The ROPOS team completed a short but very busy expedition onboard the CCGS John P. Tully for Ocean Networks Canada (ONC). During the 6 days onsite, ROPOS accomplished more than 52 maintenance and sampling objectives in 6 dives with a total of 106 diving hours. Read More
  • Expedition Update - Schmidt Ocean Institute

    It's been a busy summer season for ROPOS and the team, as we've just completed another deployment, this time with the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) aboard their research vessel Falkor. The Schmidt Ocean Institute is a not-for-profit foundation which focuses on advancing ocean exploration, discovery, and knowledge, by generously providing Read More
  • CSSF helps find and recover crashed arctic helicopter

    On September 9th 2013, the CCGS Amundsen’s helicopter crashed taking the life of all 3 of its occupants. While we understand the arctic to be a dangerous place this terrible event sent shockwaves through our team. We have been working with the Amundsen and the ArcticNet team since 2007 and Read More
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